Bands, Albums, Movies, and Books Oh my! 

I've done a few reviews and interviews. This page is a quick link to all of them to make them easier to find. On top of reviews, I have an interview, and a couple related opinion pieces. And, of course, I plan to do alot more in the future. Enjoy!

If you are in an unsigned band, and would like your music to be reviewed by William Telltale, and/or you would like to be a guest on the The Night Time Fiasco,  Email a brief press kit containing at least 2 or 3 MP3s (preferably more) and a bio to Please say if you want to be on the show, reviewed, or both.

Guest Contributions to Other Review Sites

Stryper: God Damn Evil
Concert Review: Judas Priest/Firepower/Portland
Retro Review: Crimson Glory, Transcendence 
Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Christmas! Geezer Style!
Is Dead Serios back???
It/Gearlds Game/Dark Tower: 3 King Movies compared
Orville vs Discovery
Album Review: Insatia, Phoenix Aflame
Nashville, Glam Rock Masters, Lipstick and their album Lipstick II
16 Year Old Metal Princess, Moriah Formica and her album, Bring it On
Star Wars: Rogue One
Greek Metal Gods, Wardrum and their album, Awakening
Metallica: Hardwired to Self-Destruct
Geezer: Volume II
Thrillkiller: Showdown
3D In Your Face: Lost in the Volume
17 Year Old Guitar Wizard, Jimmy Bez
Apocalyptic Lovers- Redemption: Volume 1
 Megadeth vs Metallica
Kanye West: The Life of Pablo
Megadeth: Dystopia
Who Was I- What I've Become
Thrillkiller, Time
Album Review: Geezer
Movie Review: Creed
Stryper: Fallen
Randy Chapman: All Men Are Created Evil
A Sound of Thunder: Tales From the Deadside
Chastain: We Bleed Metal
The Winery Dogs: Hot Streak
Queensryche: Condition Human
Iron Maiden: The Book of Souls
Old Farts Rocking: Geezer
Fayetteville, NC's Overlord SR and their album, Still Standing
TV Show Review: Dark Matter
Greece's BanDemoniC and their album, Fires of Redemption
Movie Review: The Interview
Istanbul, Turkey's Riseback and their self titled debut album
Patriotic Rock Band, Madison Rising and their album American Hero, plus concert review
Judas Priest: Redeemer of Souls
Movie Review: Noah
Godzilla 2014 Review and Grade
Tesla's New Album, Simplicity
York PA's Glam Band, Scarlett Gypsy and their album, All Access
Finland's Severnica and their Album, Long Lost Longing
South Africa's Terminatryx and their album, Shadow
Atlanta's Sugar on the Dashboard and their album, Discovery is Dead
Omaha, Nebraska's Glam Band: 3D In Your Face
Axl Rose is WHAT???
A Sound of Thunder, The Lesser Key of Solomon
Steel Panther's New Album Cover: Bad idea?
Italy's Prog/Melodic Metal band, Ancient Bard and their album, A New Dawn Ending
Chris Long and his book: Shout It Out Loud
The Queensryche Saga Concludes
The Childish Kiss Feud And, They Kissed and Made Up?
Babymetal: Japanese Teen Girls singing heavy metal
Movie Thrashing: Rock Star
Greece's Amazing Power Metal Band, Wardrum
Central Florida's Randy Chapman, and his album, Cursed
Finland's Battle Beast! Progressive Metal Perfection
Review of Metallica's Movie, Through the Never
Movie Review: Mega Shark vs Mecha Shark
Book Review: Your Band is Called What?? 
By Romeo Rodriguez
Boston Prodigy: 21st Century Fugitives 

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