Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Bill Parcells is the Most Over Rated HC of All Time!

Ever smelled old tuna?

This will be a rather short post, more of a rant really. I know many Giants fans worship Bill Parcells, but I'm going on record, saying that he is the most OVERRATED head coach of all time. Sure, he deserves a place in the Hall of Fame for his time with the Giants, but that's about it. Hear me out, please.
Parcells won 2 Super Bowls with the Giants in the 80's. He also took the Patriots to the Super Bowl, only to be beaten soundly by the Packers. But, ever since, there have been people who swear that he's one of the greatest of all time. I beg to differ. He isn't even the greatest Giants coach of all time. That honor should go to Tom Coughlin.
So, why am I dissing the Tuna? Well, after he left the Giants, he decided to take on the AFC East, coaching the Patriots, Jets, and being a GM for the Dolphins. He also coached the Cowboys for a while, all on the scraps of what was left of his NY Giants coaching staff. He did take the Patriots to the Super Bowl, and the Jets to the AFC Championship. But, with each of his new jobs, his available staff of 'Parcells Guys' was getting thinner and thinner. And, it wasn't just coaches. It was players too. After the Patriots ditched Drew Bledsoe for Tom Brady, he brought Bledsoe to Dallas, only for him to lose his starting job to Tony Romo. In Miami, rather than bring in some fresh talent, he brought in his offensive line coach from Dallas as the head coach, Tony Sparano. And, when Chad Pennington got released from the Jets, guess who he called to be Miami's QB? And, he got hurt.
Meanwhile, the only head coach to come from Parcell's camp to ever come close to Parcell's accomplishments was none other than the GOAT, Bill Belichick. And, no it wasn't due to what he learned under Parcells. It was because of what Belichick had in his brain. There's no comparison to the coaching style between the two. Belichick would cut Tom Brady if he felt it necessary. Parcells would reassemble his Super Bowl teams if it was possible. Remember when I said that Coughlin is the best Giant's coach? Its because he won 2 Super Bowls against the Patriots, the GOAT team, with the GOAT coach, and the GOAT quarterback.
I didn't know this, but in doing some research, I learned that Parcells is in the front office of the Cleveland Browns currently. That explains a lot.
All that needs to be said of 'Parcells Guys' is simply this: Look at last year's Super Bowl. The Falcons blew their 28-3 lead, and lost to (Bill Belichick's) New England Patriots. The Falcons only blitzed Tom Brady FIVE TIMES in the second half, and when it came down to the last play of regulation, the Falcon's defense had to stop the EASIEST play in football. A 2 point conversion. They stop that, and the game doesn't go to overtime, and the Falcons hold on to win. But, they didn't, and the rest is history. So, I rest my case. Bill Parcells is the most overrated head coach of all time. What does Atlanta's performance in the Super Bowl have to do with anything? The Falcons defensive coordinator is none other than Romeo Crenell, a "Parcells guy."
Mic drop.

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